A medicinal survival kit made for the average woman in the 1850s California Gold Rush. The problem tasked was to create a survival kit to live in the Wild West. My solution was to focus on women in the Gold Rush, more specifically to provide solutions to their menstrual regulation and pain, birth control, abortions, and other illnesses that may arise through local and sustainable methods. This kit includes 9 dried medicinal herbs, 2 containers of aloe gel, 1 container of honey, 1 reusable sanitary belt, 2 sanitary napkins, and an herbal guidebook.
The Box
Built by hand, the box contains a removable herb tray and compartment underneath. The top is engraved with the brand and product name. The box serves as packaging and a storage container for the product. 
The Herbs
Dried herbs + aloe gel and their respective pages in Madame Shirley's Herbal Guide Book
The Sanitary Products
In the 1850s, women used sanitary napkins attached to sanitary belts every month for their period. The products are made from calico, gauze, and safety pins, all of which were used back then, and can be washed an reused.
The Leaflet
An instructional leaflet attached to the lid of the box that functions as a legend for the herbs, an explanation of the product, and a description of its contents.
The Herbal Guide Book
A detailed guide book on each of the herbs in the kit, describing their use, recipes, and a visual reference to refill the herb. 
Process Book
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