The Brief
Design the branding (collaborative) and the lookbook (individual) for a fashion brand with the selling point Tailoring with a Twist. We focused on making classic British tailoring more accessible to the younger generation by using bright colors in the suits to make the workplace more creative and unique. Derived from old cockney rhyming slang for a suit, we named the brand Whistle & Flute. 
Team: Mae-Lou, Wildhan, Austin, and Frida.
The Lookbook
Printed, bound, and photographed: the brand's spring/summer collection lookbook.
The Photography
Shot around UAL London College of Communication and the Barbican.
 The Branding
We decided on an owl's head as the symbol for Whistle & Flute because it's associated with the wise and bold. Additionally, we chose a serif (Playfair Regular) and sans-serif (Poppins) font in the logo to symbolize the classic and the new.
The Rebrand
At the end of the collaborative portion of the project, I discovered that the logo no longer spoke to what the brand stood for. The delicate fonts and the script owl were subtle and soft, whereas the brand had evolved to be Loud, Bold, and Youthful. With that in mind, I toyed with additional wordmarks that better fit the evolved tone.
The Motion Graphic
Every brand needs motion and movement to activate its brand. Below is a GIF I made for the brand Whistle & Flute.
The Process Book
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